Come see me at the Kingston Botanical Market at the Tett Centre on October 14 from 10-3!


Stone City Tropicals is owned and operated by Daria MacDonald. She is a busy mom of tiny spawn who works full-time in a stressful field. Aside from her family, plants are her escape and her refuge. Her passion for plants really took off in 2010 with outdoor gardening when she and her husband purchased their first home. Not long after that, she launched White Pine Gardening to provide garden consult, care, and design services to her community. Canadian winters provide a break from all things perennial, so she would turn her focus to houseplants during the cooler months. In 2019, health problems made it difficult for her to garden outdoors. That was when she decided to turn her focus to indoor gardening – and Stone City Tropicals was born.





Stone City Tropicals was founded in 2020 with one simple mission – to bring  rare plants to people at reasonable prices. My goal is to brighten your day and your soul with beautiful plants. Plants available for purchase are either imported, sourced in Canada, or grown in-house through propagation.